Friday, 13 October 2017

Jelly Worms & Chocolate Dirt ♡ Halloween Recipe

It finally happened: I tested out a Halloween recipe! Actually, if we're being honest here, the first Halloween recipe that I tested out was red devil meringues, but the meringues a) didn't turn red enough, b) didn't bake properly, and c) didn't turn out the shape that I wanted, so in the bin they went! (Okay, a few went into my mouth, but I got rid of the rest before I ate the whole batch myself!)

As this is the first time I'm trying out Halloween recipes, I chose the most simple ones I could find. I've been making meringues for, like, 10 years now so I thought they were going to be the easy recipe - but anyway, next on my list of recipes to try were these jelly worms!

I'm sure you have seen some sort of variation of these worms before; they seem to be all over Pinterest. For the worms, I followed the directions on Kidspot, but there's a few different ways you can make them. I've seen posts by people who used just flavoured gelatine, and some who used just jelly, but I was curious to see what using both gelatine and jelly would do. 

I personally didn't notice much of a difference, but my boyfriend - who eats a lot of jelly, and loves it - said the worms were a lot firmer with the extra gelatine in them. I guess that's so they hold their shape better!

The recipe on Kidspot uses Oreos (sans the cream) as the dirt, but as Oreos are quite expensive - and scraping the cream off them would be a nightmare - I opted for crushing up some Choc Ripple biscuits instead. They are just as delicious and a lot cheaper!

Making the jelly worms was honestly a nightmare. Pouring the jelly into the straws was messy - although not as messy as I anticipated - but getting the jelly out was the worst part. Since so much jelly seeps out of the bottom of the straws and fills up the container that they're sitting in, you have to pull the straws out of the set jelly, which is so much harder than it sounds! I ended up with really red, sore hands, and I accidentally scratched myself a few times as well.

Getting the jelly out of the individual straws was just as difficult, if not more. The directions suggest to use the edge of a knife in the same way that you would curl a ribbon, but curling a ribbon is much, much easier! Both my partner and I kept hurting ourselves trying to get the worms out (not on the actual knife as it was just a butter knife, but more so the actual act of "curling" the straw!). 

Eventually Daniel realised that it was easier - and faster - to just squeeze the end of the straw and run your clenched fingers down the straw until the jelly worm was pushed out of the other end. Once we figured that out, we progressed much more quickly.

To be honest, I wasn't able to eat more than two of the jelly worms because they creeped me out so much! They really do look like worms, and placing them in something that looks like dirt made me even more queasy. They really are perfect for Halloween, but I'd much rather make a treat that's pretty and pink 😂


How's October going for you so far? Tried out any Halloween recipes and/or DIY projects that you'd like to share? I'm always looking for inspiration!

Until next time,
Indya xx