Monday, 2 October 2017

Small Goals || October 2017


TV Shows/Movies:
Friends: I recently got Stan because I wanted to watch the new Will & Grace episodes, and soon realised that Stan is so much better than Netflix. It has Will & Grace, Frasier, Friends, Community, and the new and old Powerpuff Girls! I was going to get The Powerpuff Girls series on DVD for my birthday, but since Stan has it all, I got the Pop Vinyls instead. Anyway, I started watching Friends again and haven't been able to tear myself away from it since.

Moana: Daniel and I have been meaning to watch this ever since it came out since everyone raved about it. I'm kind of nervous to admit this, but... we were thoroughly underwhelmed. It was a nice story about bravery and such, and the pig and the chicken were both absolutely adorable, but other than that, it didn't do much for us. We kept guessing what was going to happen - except for one part that surprised us, but I won't say what it was so I don't ruin it for anyone else. We didn't hate it or anything, but I'd much rather watch Frozen or Tangled.

Parks and Recreation: Just like Gilmore Girls, this show was kind of a let down at first, but has grown on me. I actually didn't like Gilmore Girls until I had completely finished it and then reflected on all the things that happened in it, but this show has grown on me much faster. The thing is though, yes it's funny, but I'm not a huge fan of the characters. Tom is just straight-up not a good person. Neither was Andy at the start, and now he's like everybody's favourite person, but why? Because he acts like a child? I like him with April, but I feel like they really rushed that storyline and could have made it a lot more meaningful. 

I love how passionate Leslie is, of course, but I also feel like they made her dumber than she needed to be. I also did not care for what she said about strippers, but that's a whole other issue. My two favourite things in this show are Ann and Ben. I love Ann as a person, and I love her friendship with Leslie, and I also love Ben and Leslie together. I am interested to see what the rest of the series will bring.


Little updates:

♡ I had such an amazing birthday and did so many things to celebrate throughout the month, including buying myself a few treats here and there (Tutti Frutti, pins, lots of Subway, etc). One of the first presents I got was a gift voucher to a baking workshop of my choice which is super exciting, I'm thinking about choosing a cookie decorating one as that's something that I want to work on.

♡ My average monthly page views has more than doubled since last month and I'm super happy about it! Each post gets a few hundred views now, instead of around 100 each - my Chibi Moon Piñata ended up getting over 1000! I know it's not all about the numbers, but it feels great to know that people are interested in what I have to say.

♡ I finally changed my Instagram handle to make it blog-related, which is something I've been debating about doing for a while. I went to do it on Twitter as well, but the character restriction made it impossible for me to be able to include even a shortened version of my blog's name, so oh well.

♡ I've already bought three Christmas presents for Daniel and it's made me want to buy the rest that I have in mind right now. I've been brainstorming year-long what to get him since he is SO difficult to buy for, and I really feel like I've got a good list going. Not that it's a competition, but I'm totally going to win at gift giving this year 😉


1. Continue to organise the house more.
I felt really on top of housework this month, which was a great feeling. I put away heaps of plates, bowls, and cups so that we wouldn't use so many dishes - and having less dishes to use meant having less dishes to wash, therefore the kitchen stayed quite tidy throughout the entire month. 
I also worked on the bathroom, just like I said I wanted to. I de-cluttered, added a bin, and wiped down the sinks and washing machine so now the entire place feels brand new!

2. Work on nail biting and hair pulling.

Ugh, no. Some weeks I did better than others, but still not good enough for me to cross this one off.

3. Enjoy my birthday dinners without getting stressed or overwhelmed.

Done! I enjoyed all three of my dinners thoroughly and have now done enough socialising to last me a lifetime. I am now going to hibernate in my room until Christmas. Please don't disturb me!

4. Take bags to charity store.
When I wrote this goal I only had three bags that I needed to donate, but pretty soon those three doubled and I had six, huge, over-filled bags taking up half of my office floor. I finally got around to take some to the charity store, but Daniel and I could only carry two each, so there's still two more to take down... I'm going to go ahead and give myself a half point for this one 😂

5. Brainstorm Christmas content ideas.

I have heaps of ideas for posts in December, and I am so excited to get started on them. I probably won't be able to do all the ones I've got written down, but at least I know I won't be short on ideas!


3.5/5 isn't the best, but I had a seriously hectic month. I had plans every single weekend, both Daniel and I got really sick, plus it was school holidays for the last week so work was out-of-control busy. I was absolutely exhausted all month long and allowed myself to just relax during what little downtime I had, so no regrets here!


1. Start drafting up Christmas posts.
As per one of my goals for September, I have brainstormed and planned a lot of my posts for December and Christmas, but this month I'd like to actually get some of them written up and as close to completion as possible so that I'm not overwhelmed throughout December.

2. Try to only spend money on Christmas stuff.
As you may be able to tell, I am very into Christmas, and I have a lot of decor, recipe, and gift ideas that I am hoping to implement, which means I need to start preparing ASAP. I'd like to purchase a few more presents for Daniel this month - particularly the ones that I'm buying online, so that they get to me in time! I do have my eye on some pins that are coming out this month though, which is why I've included the key word try into the title of this goal.

3. Organise Daniel's side of the office.
Daniel doesn't care how his belongings are kept or displayed, which means he doesn't care if I re-arrange anything, so don't think that by doing this I'm going into his territory or anything. I just want to arrange some of his shelves better so that you can see everything, and so that things of the same theme are together. This will also come in handy once Christmas comes around and we need to find room for the things I bought for him!

4. Implement healthier choices.
I really want to take advantage of the warmer weather here and stock up on my favourite fruits while they're cheap, as well as get some exercise in here and there. I've already made some great diet changes and am getting a lot more nutrients than before, but I still need to work on my love for comfort food, and my tenancy to give into my laziness. Wish me luck!

5. Read at least two non-manga books.
Manga books only take me about an hour to read, so it feels cheating to count them in this challenge. Whilst I'm sure I'll continue to read my Sailor Moon manga as I am dying to finish the story, I'd like to get through some other books as well. My to-read list is only getting longer with time!

What are some of your goals for this month?

Until next time,

Indya xx