Wednesday, 15 November 2017

DIY Fries Piñata for Fast Food Day

Yes, I just may be addicted to making piñatas. I'm not even sorry about it either, they're just too much fun! Having them around my house makes it feel like a party 24/7, and I love that you can make them to suit any situation.

I thought my most recent Pokedex piñata was my favourite, but I think this one takes the cake - or, more accurately, the fries. Whilst this blog is full of things that I love, I've realised that I haven't yet spoken about my deep affection for fries. Believe me, this is one love affair that's been around for many years, and certainly isn't going anywhere soon - and since it's National Fast Food Day on the 16th, I thought a fries piñata would be a perfect way to celebrate 🍟

As healthy as I try to be on a day-to-day basis, one of my biggest weaknesses is fries. I love it when they are perfectly soft (I am NOT a crunchy chip kind of gal - I don't even like my toast crunchy!) and extra salty; when they're just right, I could honestly eat them every single day. I don't though, I promise!


♡ Cereal box
♡ Red wrapping paper

♡ Red streamers
♡ Yellow paper
♡ Sticky tape
♡ School glue

♡ Scissors
♡ Ruler (optional - I didn't use one, but I bet it would come in handy!)


1. Cut out each section of your cereal box so that the large front and back rectangles, as well as the bottom, top and side strips are all separate from each other. On the plain cardboard side of one of the rectangular pieces, draw your desired chip box shape. I wanted to include the curved top so it looked like the fries boxes that we all know and love, but having a straight line would look just as good, as well as make the later steps more simple.

2. Once you're happy with your chip box outline, cut it out and use that piece as a stencil on the second large rectangle piece, and cut that one out as well. Try to be careful with your cutting and not waste your excess cardboard as we'll need it for the later steps.

3. Get the strip of cardboard that was previously on the bottom of the cereal box, and sticky tape your two new cut out pieces to each side, so that it ends up being on the bottom once again, and your two rectangular pieces are standing up on it, just like they were before we cut the cereal box up. I like to face the plain brown side of the cereal box on the outside to ensure that the pictures on the cereal box don't show up underneath your streamers.

3. Use the strips of cardboard that were on the sides of your cereal box as sides once again by taping them to the bottom and two outer cardboard pieces, trimming any unneeded cardboard as you go along. After this step you should have a 3D chip box minus the lid. Ideally, you would fill the box with candy before you move onto the next step, but don't fill it up too high or it will be difficult to fit the chips in.

4. I wanted my chips to sit inside my piñata rather than just sit right on top, so that it looked as though the box is actually "filled" with chips, so I would recommend getting a strip of cardboard and sticky taping it a few centimetres - or even inches - inside the piñata. This might seem a little too tricky, but just keep adding tape until you're happy with it. Remember that no one will see this part, anyway.

5. With your yellow paper, measure how long you want the chips to be, keeping in mind that they need a few extra centimetres or inches to sit inside the piñata as well. The thickness of your chips is completely up to you. When I was making mine I sketched how thick I wanted them and then cut out four times that size so that I could fold them into 3D chips (this is where a ruler would have come in handy!). Once I had cut one out, I folded it in half twice before taping the two edges together to make a 3D chip.

6. Now you need to decide whether you want to cover the top with yellow paper so that you can't see inside them. It's completely up to you if you want to do this part since the piñata will be high up anyway and therefore no one will be be able to see the top of the chips. If you do want to cover it up, measure the perimeter of the end of a chip onto some yellow paper and cut out double that size. 

7. Fold in both ends and add some tape to them, then slide that piece of paper carefully into the top of the chip. You could also keep one of the tabs on the outside so you can make sure the tape actually sticks, it just depends on how you'd like it to look.

8. Squeeze some glue into the area where the chips will sit and place them inside. Once the glue is dry, cover your chip box portion of the piñata in red paper by taping or glueing it down. This step isn't a complete necessity, but I like to do it to make sure that no cardboard will show up underneath the streamers.

9. Starting from the bottom of the front of the piñata, unroll a strip of streamer that is the same length of the piñata from left to right. Cut it out, fringe the bottom 2/3 of it, then tape onto the piñata. Continue doing this all the way up your piñata. If you don't want to see any sticky tape when you get to very top piece of streamer, use a very light layer of glue instead.

10. Repeat the above step for the back, two sides, and bottom of your piñata, remembering to always start from the bottom of the side you are looking at. Once the glue is all set, you're done! The perfect piñata for a fast food fanatic such as myself 😜

Until next time,
Indya xx