Friday, 24 November 2017

Dragon Fruit Cupcakes for National Cake Day

I'm going to tell you guys straight up that I've never really cared about dragon fruit. I still haven't eaten one to this day, but I just love how bright and pink they are! Every time Studio DIY shares a project or recipe that features dragon fruit I swoon over the colours, so I knew I had to eventually make something dedicated to this gorgeous fruit!

Enter: National Cake Day! November 26th has the wonderful title of being National Cake Day, and I knew I had to celebrate. I love making batches of cupcakes and playing around with decorating them. It's always fun to see what I manage to come up with, and these babies are some of the best results of my spontaneous decorating so far! 

I am always up for some pink buttercream, plus I always seem to have coconut lying around (I never realised how fun and useful it can be when baking! I'm thinking about writing a post listing all the ways you can use it to decorate 😂), so it didn't take me long to figure out that I wanted to make dragon fruit cupcakes.

The only issue was figuring out how to do the black seeds. I first tried to break up some chocolate melts, but that was far too tedious and messy. I contemplated using black fondant, and to be honest I'm not sure why I didn't go with that option as I love fondant, but in the end I found a very-nearly-empty jar of chocolate sprinkles and decided to use those.

Honestly, these guys are so easy to make it almost feels like cheating to write it out as a tutorial for you guys, but I know I prefer reading instructions that are actually written like instructions rather than a slab of text, so I have listed all the ingredients and required steps for you all below!


♡ 6 cupcakes of your choice

♡ Buttercream icing
♡ Pink food dye
♡ Desiccated coconut
♡ Chocolate sprinkles
♡ Pink cupcake liners
♡ Small or medium circle cookie cutter


1. Whip up your preferred cupcake recipe and bake them in pink cupcake liners. When they come out of the oven and are set to the side to cool, make some buttercream icing and mix pink food dye into it until it matches the cupcake liners as much as possible. Once your cupcakes have cooled, ice them as you normally would.

 Sit your cookie cutter lightly in the middle of your cupcake, trying not to mess up your buttercream icing. Pick up a small pinch of coconut and sprinkle it inside the cookie cutter. Keep doing this until you've got an even layer and can't see any buttercream under the coconut (or, at least make sure you can't see much). You'll notice that some of my coconut decided it wanted to sit outside the circle, but that's just how life goes!

3. Continue to cover each cupcake with coconut circles and then grab your chocolate sprinkles and scatter them across the coconut. If your sprinkles are smaller than mine I would recommend using more than I did, but if they're larger I think the "less is more" approach works best.


That is all! I told you these were insanely easy, which really makes me want to make cupcakes look like fruit more often. Although I could just be nicer to my body and have some actual fruit, but who wants fruit when there's cake to eat?! 😜 Hope you enjoyed this super simple tutorial!

Until next time,
Indya xx