Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Small Goals || November 2017


TV Shows/Movies:

♡ Will & Grace: Love, love, love the reboot. This show meant so much to me as a kid and I have such great respect and admiration for all the actors now that I know what they're like in real life (well, on their Twitter accounts anyway), which makes me love it all just as much. It's the exact same show as before, which is exactly what I love about it. It's like it never ended. It's so strange to have one of your favourite things about your childhood come back to life, but I love it.

♡ Thor: After seeing Thor in the Avengers, I quite liked him, so Daniel and I decided to try and watch the first two Thor movies before the third one comes out. We ended up finding the first one at Savers for $3, brand new, still in plastic with a JB Hi-Fi sticker on it! I really liked it. Loki is my favourite character, and I'm excited to see the new one in cinemas hopefully soon!

Rick & Morty: I was really disappointed with this season. There was hardly any character development, and I didn't care for most of the plot stories either. It was honestly like this season could have not happened and it wouldn't have made any difference - except for the Jerry and Beth thing at the end, which was disappointed and honestly annoying. I don't care for their relationship, or any story lines about it. I honestly hoped they'd just get rid of Jerry, but it doesn't seem like they're going to. At least I won't be impatiently waiting for the next season I guess, because there was no real cliffhanger or anything I'm looking forward to seeing. I just hope season four is better.

Death Note: My favourite character just died, another one I also liked died, and two more that I just don't understand have arrived, so the entire show has kind of lost its magic for me. What really gets me is that one of the new characters is exactly like one of the ones who died, why not just keep the old one?! It was honestly a huge shock and even Daniel, who has seen all of Death Note already, says it gets pretty bad from here on, but we've only got two discs left so I'll finish it eventually.


Little updates:

♡ Daniel and I were a little more adventurous with our eating out these month, and I am so glad that we were! We usually stick to the same things because we're lazy, and I'm super picky, but this month we took a gamble and tried Grill'd and fell in love with it. I've never had a non-fast food burger that I loved, but I really loved the pickles and mustard one I had from Grill'd. I loved it so much I organised to have lunch with one of my best friends so I could go again - and so I could see her, of course!

♡ I got most of my Christmas shopping done this month! I've been planning Daniel's presents all year long, and couldn't wait any longer to start buying them. I have also been having some fun with the wrapping too. You can see two of them on Instagram, but the others will be in an upcoming DIY blog post. I love wrapping presents so much - almost as much as receiving them! 😜

♡ After watching Demi Lovato's documentary, I decided to give her album a listen to and I love it! I was going to list my favourite songs from it and then realised I listed all of them. I don't buy CDs since I discovered YouTube, but I love it so much that I'm honestly considering buying it just so I can belt it out in the car.


1. Start drafting up Christmas posts.
Yes! I have written up a couple of themed gift guides, as well as a few other simple Christmas-related posts. I hope to get started on some of the DIY projects and recipes that I want to try for Christmas as well since I'll be very busy throughout December with work and preparing for Christmas Day, so I won't have a heap of time to do it then.

2. Try to only spend money on Christmas stuff.
I bought every Christmas present that I had planned for Daniel this month and I feel so damn good. I have since thought of a few more, but I have nearly two whole months to get them. I've never felt so organised before! Last year we had all our presents before December, but this year I have them all before November, which means I can focus on saving for our next holiday!

3. Organise Daniel's side of the office.
Nope. I spent 90% of my time this month in the kitchen which, if you watch my Instagram Stories, I am sure you will know all about. I am super disappointed that I didn't get around to doing this, but I tried a lot of new recipes this month, so it was still time well spent - even if most of the recipes didn't turn out the way I wanted 😅  There's always next month!

4. Implement healthier choices.
I definitely think I ate a lot healthier this month. Not as healthy as I would have liked, since certain things like half-priced chocolate rolls and half-priced cans of Pasito got the best of me (notice the theme there?), but generally I snacked on fruits, vegetables and salads, plus I had some healthy dinners too, so I'm feeling pretty proud of myself.

5. Read at least two non-manga books.

Ah, nope! I finished one and started another, but it just hasn't kept me hooked and wanting to read more. I like the overall plot, but lots of predictable and back-and-forth things have been happening so I'm not dying to finish it at the moment. I recently bought some new books that I am dying to read though, so that's my inspiration to finish the one I'm currently reading.


I'm generally happy with 3/5. Any less and I'd feel bad, but I did a lot this month both blog-wise and around the house, so I think I did pretty well with the time I had.


1. Complete the majority of my December content.
I really want to soak up the Christmas spirit during December and let myself enjoy a lot of time to myself with some good books and movies, so I would like to have the majority of my blog posts ready to go before December even comes around. This shouldn't be too hard since I try to do this every month, and I began working on my Christmas content back in September, I just need to start doing more than I am planning.

2. Deep clean the kitchen.
The kitchen is something that I struggle to keep on top of, and even though I'm much better at dishes now, there's still more that needs to be done. It desperately needs to be vacuumed and mopped, I need to clean out the microwave and fridge, wipe down the sink, and organise the areas next to the fridge more (don't even ask). This goal may be too big to complete all in one month, but I'll give it my best.

3. Start organising our holiday.
We're only going to be away for a few days, so I need to do some research on exactly what we want to do while we're away so that we have time to do it all. We also need to pick up some things such as suitcases, bathers, small bottles for bringing our liquids on the plane, etc.

4. Clean and put away snow boots.
I am prepared for you to judge me pretty badly for this one, and I don't blame you. You may remember that Daniel and I went to the snow back in July - well, we still haven't cleaned our boots since then. They got covered in mud and I wasn't sure how to wash them since they're mostly material but aren't machine washable, so they've been sitting in plastic bags taking up room in our already crowded front door area - but I 
recently bought a shoe brush so I should be able to put them away finally and organise the rest of our shoes a bit better. Such a boring goal, I know 😂

5. Organise Daniel's side of the office.
This task NEEDS to be done before Christmas because right now there is nowhere for Daniel's presents to go, plus I have some organisation ideas that will make it much easier for Daniel to find certain things when he wants them. Crossing this one off my list will benefit us so much, I just need to do it!


What are some of your goals for this month?

Until next time,

Indya xx