Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Trying to Grow || Weekly Edit

♡ An important reminder to treat yourself how you would others.

 I gave my about page a little makeover and am quite happy with it. I had been wanting to add some more colour and "me" into it for a while now. I still want to add more random, fun facts about myself, but I don't know what people want to hear about! Is there anything that you look for in particular when you read a blogger's about page?

♡ For the last few months, an old Weekly Edit post from May has been getting a few hundred views per week, and I cannot figure out why! I don't know where the traffic is coming from, nor do I know what part of the post is intriguing them. Does anyone have any ideas?

♡ I would just like to point out that in the post above I talk about my Facebook page reaching 64 likes, and now it's at 173. That's more than double the likes in just a matter of months!

♡ Are you guys following me on Instagram yet? Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I am pretty in love with my feed at the moment. It's not very common that I am happy with everything I post, so you should follow me now while my content's still good 😉

♡ The most relatable quote from Gilmore Girls, no questions asked.

♡ We are all constantly putting off our happiness, and we need to stop.

♡ Now that I am currently re-watching season five of Gilmore Girls and am seeing Paris and Rory work on the Yale Daily News, my love of writing has been ignited again. I would like to challenge myself to start writing more, and not just for this blog. Journaling was one of my favourite ways to organise and explore my thoughts, and I would like to make it a more regular habit. 

I am also setting myself other tasks and projects on articles or essays to write in my spare time, but I need some more inspiration. To all the readers and writers out there: what are some of your favourite publications to read? What articles make you think, or inspire you to write? Which writers should I be paying attention to? I'd really love all the advice that I can get.

♡ Speaking of writing, back when I wrote poetry, I set myself a goal to collect 100 rejection letters from literature magazines, because that's what a lot of other poets were doing as well. It may seem silly to people who aren't writers, but I saw it as a way to prove that I was trying. 

I'm not even sure I made it to double digits when I ultimately gave up on poetry (or, rather, put it on the back burner - I'm sure I'll go back to it at some point), but this post about rejection letters on Girlboss reminded why I started in the first place. Even though I don't write poetry anymore, if I ever decide to try and write for other publications, I will definitely start collecting them once again.

♡ I already have too many cups and mugs than I know what to do with (updated collection post on them coming soon!), but I need the Star Sipper Cup, Daisy Sipper Cup, and love heart coffee mug from Urban Outfitters ASAP!

Until next time,
Indya xx