Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Baking Themed Christmas Gift Guide

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Baking tools and ingredients are some of my most favourite things to buy. I have a plethora of cake pans and moulds that has gotten so big that I've had to put the more eccentric ones in storage in order to fit the ones that I actually use on my shelves, plus my sprinkle and food colour/flavour collection is growing so quickly that they're going to need their own set of shelves soon!

Despite already owning a heap of awesome baking tools and ingredients, I still have plenty more that I would love to try out, so today's baking gift guide is a mixture of things that I'd love to have, and things that I do have and therefore know how great they are. If you know someone who enjoys whipping up a treat in the kitchen, these items would be perfect for them!

Some other must-have items for every baker:

🍰  You can never have too many angled spatulas when you're experimenting in the kitchen.
🍰  Candy Melts are some of the most fun ingredients to play with. Stock up on some cute moulds and the possibilities are endless! 
🍰  Show off your love of baking at Christmastime with these rolling pincupcake, and stand mixer ornaments. If I could have just one thing off this list, it would definitely be the stand mixer ornament! It's too cute 😭
🍰  Not exaggerating at all, these letter biscuit stamps are the BEST things I have EVER bought! I've only used them for my SpongeBob quote cookies so far, but I have lots of plans for them in the future.
🍰  Most of you are probably very competent when it comes to using liquid food colours, but I am not and always end up spilling it and/or using way too much, so I bought a pipette to see if it would help at all, and it has honestly made my life so much easier. Definitely another one of my favourite purchases.
🍰  I'm a sucker for anything heart-shaped, and these measuring spoons are certainly no exception.

Until next time,

Indya xx