Monday, 4 December 2017

Jupiter Coconut Cyclone: Vanilla Cake with Watercolour Lemon Buttercream

It's finally here: my second ever original recipe to be posted on this blog! My first one was posted way back in June, and it was one of my most popular posts of all time - which encouraged me to start brainstorming more recipe ideas right away.

I actually came up with the idea for this post right after I posted my Pink Sugar Heart Attack cupcakes, but I wanted to wait until now to post it as it is inspired by Sailor Jupiter, and her birthday is December 5th!

Jupiter Coconut Cyclone is the name of  one of Sailor Jupiter's attacks in the Sailor Moon manga and Crystal adaption. I know most people will want to jump ahead to the actual recipe, but I just want to explain why I chose all the different components for this recipe that I did, as I think they're pretty genius.

First up, the two main parts of the attack are the words coconut and cyclone. Obviously, I decorated the top of the cake with coconut to cover the first part, and I chose to make a tall cake with a watercolour effect for the icing to make it seem like the cake is spinning, like a cyclone. 

The colours are green as that's Sailor Jupiter's main colour, and yellow to represent her lightning power, plus I made the buttercream lemon flavoured so that the zap-py/sour flavour would symbolise lightning as well. Pretty smart, right?! Anyway, enough self praise, let's get onto the recipe!


♡ One tall cake, or three mini cakes of the same size
♡ Shredded coconut
♡ Buttercream icing
♡ Lemon flavour extract
♡ Yellow food colour
♡ Green food colour

1. If you're using three small cakes, place them on top of each other with some buttercream in between layers to keep them steady.

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2. Add some lemon flavour extract into your buttercream icing until you get your desired taste. Do a rough layer of plain coloured buttercream over most of the cake.

3. Put your cake onto a turntable. Split your remaining buttercream into two bowls. Tint one bowl yellow and the other green. I would suggest going easy on the green dye as a dark green won't mix in with the yellow too well.

4. With an angled spatula, scatter swipes of yellow and green buttercream on the cake. Make sure there's a somewhat even amount of both colours on the cake, vertically and horizontally. 

5. Get an icing scraper and slowly smooth out the swipes of coloured buttercream as you turn the cake. Add and remove icing as you see fit until the two colours are well blended together.

6. Put a few swipes of both colours scattered across the top of the cake. Smooth and swirl them together with the icing scraper until you're happy, then sprinkle with shredded coconut.


The most important thing to remember when doing a watercolour effect is to take your time - which is something I am NOT good at, but I tried really hard to slow down and be careful, and I ended up being so pleased by the results. 

This was my first time trying out a watercolour effect on anything, and I'm really happy with it. I found this tutorial's GIFs really helpful with its GIFs with the turning motion. Remember to make more icing than you think you'll need as I always find it comes in handy!

Until next time,
Indya xx