Monday, 29 January 2018

DIY Heart Sunglasses Piñata for Galentine's Day

I love myself some heart-shaped sunglasses. I only have two pairs, but I'd honestly love them in all the colours of the rainbow! I think they are so fun and girly, which makes them the perfect piñata idea for a Galentine's Day party!

You could do so much with these piñatas. You could make some big ones purely for decoration, or you could create smaller ones for each one of your gal pals and fill them with things that are specific to their interests! How sweet would that be?!

Whatever you decide to do with yours, this tutorial has got you covered. Let me warn you though: due to its shape, this piñata is incredibly tedious to make! I didn't really think about the fact that things need to go inside of it until I had already started making them, so that was interesting! Anyway, let's get onto the tutorial ☺️

♡ An empty cereal box
♡ Orange streamers
♡ Black streamers
♡ Black paper
♡ Pencil, scissors and LOTS of tape
♡ Craft glue

1. Cut your cereal box into sections so that the front, back, and side pieces are all separate.

2. On the plain side of one of the bigger pieces, draw your two hearts and the nose piece. Cut all three pieces out separately. Use those pieces as stencils and draw two more hearts and one more nose piece onto your other large cardboard piece, then cut those three out separately as well.

3. Now get your side pieces from the cereal box. How thick you wish these to be will depend on how big your piñata is going to be. Mine didn't need to be that big, so I cut the side strips in half, then taped them standing up around the outline of one of the hearts. 

After that, tape another heart over the top so that it's a completely sealed heart-shaped box (don't worry, we'll make a hole to put all the goodies in later!). Repeat this step with your other two hearts until you have a second, sealed heart-shaped box.

4. You should now have two curved cardboard strips for your nose piece leftover. Draw and cut out two more strips from some of your extra cardboard, ensuring that they are the same width as the ones you just cut out for your heart pieces. 

Tape your two new strips to the top and bottom of one of your nose trips, making sure they stand up, just like you did with your heart pieces, then tape your last nose piece on top. You should now have a hollow tube of cardboard!

5. This is where things get a little tedious. Line the nose piece and two heart boxes up together until you're happy with the placement, then very carefully sketch around the nose piece onto the heart boxes, so that when you take the nose piece away, you still know where it was before. Using your scissors - or an X-Acto knife, if you have one - cut inside those lines you have just drawn. 

Be very carefully not to cut the heart shaped pieces of cardboard at all, just their side pieces! If you have done this step correctly, the holes you have just created should match up with your nose piece, making the entire inside of your piñata hollow and ready for treats!

6. Fill your two heart shaped boxes with your prepared goodies, then tape the nose pieces back over the holes you just cut out. You may need to use quite a bit of tape here to ensure the entire thing doesn't fall apart.

7. Once your piñata is back together, it's time for the fun part! Starting from the very bottom of one of your hearts, measure and cut out a strip of orange streamer, fringe the bottom 3/4 of it, then tape of onto your heart. 

Continue doing this all the way up your heart piece and when you get to the final strip, glue or use looped pieces of tape to stick it down so you don't see the tape! Then trim off any excess pieces so you can see the shape of the heart again, then do the same to your second heart!

8. For the nose piece, I just stuck some layers of orange streamer down until you couldn't see the cardboard underneath it anymore, but I didn't bother fringing it as it was so small. If you have made a bigger piñata, you may want to fringe this piece as well.

9. Now move onto the sides of the nose piece as it's small and quicker to do. Just measure, fringe, and stick, the same as you did with the heart pieces. Remember to use glue or looped tape for the top piece to hide any tape you might see otherwise! Do this for all three other sides of the nose piece.

 10. Flip your piñata over to the blank side and cover the back two hearts in fringed orange streamers, just like the front, then move on to your side pieces. You'll need longer strips to go around the heart pieces, but you can always do these in sections if it makes it easier for you! 

For example, I did both sides of the point of the heart with separate pieces of streamer, rather than cutting and fringing one extremely long piece to wrap around the entire heart. You will figure out what is easier for you, though. Continue doing this until the remaining outside pieces of your piñata are all covered in fringed orange streamers.

11. Draw two hearts onto your black paper that are a few centimetres smaller than the hearts on your piñata. Cut those out, then cover them in fringed black streamers, using the exact same method. Then, using some craft glue, stick the two black hearts down in the middle of your orange hearts to be your lenses. 

Whew, you're done! I know this definitely isn't one of the easiest piñatas I've shared on the blog (that's probably the fries one, in my opinion), but it's so, so cute. It would be such a cool party favour, and you can change up the colours to suit your guests more! I love being able to personalising things to suit the recipients; I think it's a really lovely way to show you care about your guests.


Do you guys have any Galentine's - or Valentine's - plans coming up? I love doing something special with Daniel every year, but I'm not sure what to do this year! No matter what we end up doing though, I'm sure it will be lovely 😊

Until next time,
Indya xx