Wednesday, 7 February 2018

DIY Palm Springs "That Pink Door" Pillow

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I'm back with another "That Pink Door" inspired post! You all seemed to enjoy my sugar cookies, and I've been trying to bring you more DIY projects as requested, so I decided to make another pillow since I had so much fun making my first one!

This is honestly a really simple project, especially since I made mine quite small. I think mine is about 30cm long, but you can make yours as big as you'd like! It's so cute, and I love the pop of colour it brings to the room. Let's get onto the tutorial!

♡ Pink fabric of your choice
Sheet of pink felt
♡ Sheet of grey felt
♡ Fabric glue
♡ Scissors, ruler, and pencil/pen
♡ Pillow stuffing
♡ Sewing needle and thread (pink would be best, but all I had at the time was white 😅)
♡ Sewing pins

1. Lightly sketch a rectangle onto your pink fabric and cut it out. Use that piece as a stencil and trace another rectangle onto your pink fabric and cut that one out as well.

2. Pin the edges of your two pink rectangles together to keep them in place, then stitch 90% of the edges together, leaving a small hole to push the fabric through so it's inside-out, meaning the stitch marks are now on the inside.

3. Carefully fill the pillow with stuffing, then sew the remaining hole together.

4. Rule and draw 18 identical squares onto your pink felt, cut them out, then glue them onto your pillow with a small amount of fabric glue. Note: You may want to alter the amount you have depending on how big your pillow is, but that's up to you!

5. Cut out a small strip of grey felt and glue it onto your second and third last squares on the right side of your door. I decided to place it there as the handle on the actual door is quite low down.

... aaaaand you're done! That may have been the quickest DIY project in the world 😂  but it has such an adorable result. I have honestly fallen in love with making pillows, but don't worry, I won't bombard you with too many pillow projects! I'm still very new to sewing, but if you have any requests for sewing-related DIY projects, leave them in the comments below and I'll see what I can do 😊

Until next time,
Indya xx