Friday, 9 February 2018

Pizza Sugar Cookies for National Pizza Day

At this point it seems like I am not going to stop until I've turned cookies into every other food or item on the planet, but I just can't help it! I love decorating cookies, and even more, I love eating them 😂

I have acquired quite the collection of different coloured fondant at home, and I was looking at them all trying to think of what to make one day, when I was reminded how much yellow fondant looks like cheese (case in point), and it hit me: I should make cookies that look like little pizzas!

Whenever I make pizzas at home - which I do quite a bit as I don't like pizza made by anyone else, with the exception of Costco - I always make mini ones because I'm a sucker for miniature sized anything. 

Granted, my pizzas don't have pepperoni or anchovies on them, but I still think these cookies turned out super cute. Also, w
hilst I never need an excuse to whip up a batch of cookies, today IS the perfect day to make these ones as February 9th is National Pizza Day! Let's get onto the recipe so you can whip up a batch of these cookies for yourself 😋

♡ Your favourite sugar cookie recipe
♡ Red fondant
♡ Yellow fondant
♡ Black fondant
♡ Brown chocolate melts
♡ Fish-shaped hard or gummy candy

1. Put your chocolate melts in a microwave safe bowl and microwave in 30 second intervals until completely melted. Use a butter knife or angled spatula to spread a ring of chocolate around the edges of each cookie; this will be our crust. Put the cookies aside or in the fridge until the chocolate is completely set.

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2. Roll out your red fondant and cut out circles that are a centimetre or two smaller than your cookies. I used a circle cookie cutter that was smaller than the one I used for the actual cookies for this step. Once you've got your circle, place it in the middle of your cookie and gently knead the edges with your fingers until it you can't see any of the plain cookie anymore.

3. Roll out your yellow fondant and cut out a circle that is even smaller than the red one you just cut out. Place that on top of your red fondant. Don't worry too much about the shape as the cheese on pizzas always melts and spreads out anyway. If you're worried that your yellow fondant won't stick to the red fondant, lightly brush the red fondant with a little bit of water to make it sticky, then place the yellow fondant on top.

4. Go back to your red fondant and pick up tiny pinches of it with your fingers. Roll those pieces into small balls, then flatten them and place them on the yellow fondant to be your pepperoni. Once again, you can dab these with a tiny amount of water if you're worried they won't stick to the yellow fondant.

5. Gently press your fish candy or gummies into the yellow fondant so they don't fall right off. You could also use edible glue, icing, or even melted chocolate to adhere them onto the fondant if you wish.

TROUBLESHOOTING: As you'll be able to tell, I worked far too slowly on these cookies since I was making them up as I went, and the yellow fondant started to become dry and crack once I began pressing the smaller pieces into it! If you work quickly, you shouldn't have this problem 😊

6. Pick up tiny pinches of your black fondant, roll them into tiny balls and flatten them between your fingers. These are to present olives, so you can leave them just like that if you wish, but since I always add sliced olives to my pizzas, I decided to add a smaller dot of yellow fondant on top to make them look like they had holes in the middle - of course, you could actually poke a hole through them if you like, I just apparently didn't think of that!


And there you have it! Delicious cookies that look like tiny pizzas, what could be cuter?! Tell me: where do you stand on the whole pineapple-on-pizza debate? Are you for it, or against it? Let me know in the comments, but remember to play nice with those who may have a different opinion to you 😉

Until next time,
Indya xx