Wednesday, 21 March 2018

DIY Easter Puns Pop-Up Cards

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I was browsing through Pinterest not too long ago when I came across some gorgeous pop-up cards that Damask Love made for Valentine's Day, and it was like a light-bulb moment for me! I instantly thought: You can make your own pop-up cards? Which was followed up by: Well, of course you can! They exist, so there must be some way to make them! After reading Amber's post and realising how easy they are to make, I knew I had to make some of my own - and I had the perfect reason to, as Easter is just around the corner!

Pop-up cards are adorable and just so much fun, but I knew I wanted to make mine even funner, so I added one of my favourite things in the entire world: puns. I'm all for any kind of jokes - ESPECIALLY the awful, Dad-like jokes that make you cringe uncontrollably - but puns are probably my favourite. You'll never see me more proud of myself, or with a bigger smile on my face, than when I have just made an awesome pun.

I can't take credit for any of these puns as they are all over the internet, but Daniel did tell me about "Have a Hoppy Easter!" before I saw it online, so you can at least credit him for that one. Once you have your favourite Easter-themed puns in mind, read on to find out how you can make your own Easter pun-filled pop-up cards!


You'll need:
♡ To read Amber's post on how to cut your white cardstock
Paper in various colours, including white
Black fineliner pen
♡ Scissors and glue
Heart-shaped hole punch (optional)
Emoji stickers (also optional, but I adore them!)

1. When you have prepped your cards and they are ready to decorate, it's time to make your Easter eggs! I drew and cut out one egg that I then used as a stencil so they would all be uniform. Remember not to make them too tall or too wide or else they'll stick out the tops and sides of your cards when they're closed! Once you've traced all your eggs onto the desired coloured paper, cut them out.

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2. For the "you're a good egg" card, I decided to decorate those eggs with various coloured hearts as that was one of the more romantic puns out of the four. Use your hole punch to cut out small hearts and stick them in any pattern or order that you would like!

3. For the eggs with lines and/or "crack" marks, I traced the size of the eggs onto the white paper and just cut out both straight and wavy strips of white paper from those egg shapes, to ensure that they would be the right size. Once you're happy with your strips of paper, stick them onto your desired eggs.

4. I also decided to decorate one of my eggs with spots, but as I don't have a regular hole punch I had to cut the tiny circle out by hand and glue them on. As you can see, it is possible, but incredibly tedious, so I would recommend using the hole punch if you have it! I definitely would have made more spotty eggs if I had one.

5. My last design for the Easter eggs was to decorate them with actual eggs, obviously. It seemed like the only choice to go with the "I hope this cracks you up!" pun, and the egg emoji sticker ties in perfectly as well. There really isn't much that I love more than a good pun, I'm telling you!

If I was a better drawer, I would have loved to draw some cute bunnies and stick them onto the eggs as well, but I decided to keep it simple as the puns really are the star of these cards for me 😂

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Whilst I'm not crazy over Easter like I am when it comes to Christmas, I certainly don't mind the influx of cute bunny and chicken items that flood every single store (you have NO idea how difficult it is to not buy every single soft toy I see!). Daniel and I also seem to find me something Pokemon-themed for Easter every year as well, and I love any excuse to increase my collection, so I guess this holiday isn't too bad!

What do you love most about Easter? For those who aren't the biggest fans of chocolate, is there something else that you do or get instead during this time of year? Daniel and I are always looking for more unique traditions to take up!

Until next time,
Indya xx