Wednesday, 28 March 2018

DIY Sushi Clock

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Clocks have been something that I have collected on and off for as long as I can remember. I only have three at the moment (not including this one) as I have been trying to cut down on my collection of collections, but I still love them, so when I was brainstorming ideas for possible DIY projects, they were one of the first things I thought of.

Before you rush down to the comment section to point it out, I know that this clock wouldn't work as the sushi pieces stick further out than the hands. Unfortunately, this wasn't something I realised until I was adding the final touch to this project, BUT I have a few solutions in mind for anyone who may want to recreate this. It doesn't matter so much to me as none of my clocks have any batteries in them (can you imagine having three clocks ticking all day long?!), but if you would like to make yours work, here are some ideas:

Solution #1: You could simply swap the sushi pieces to photos and/or drawings of sushi instead. It would make the overall clock a lot lighter, and the hands would be able to tick by with no problem.

Solution #2: You could trim the hands so that they aren't as long and wouldn't reach the sushi pieces, but this may look a little silly, so I didn't want to try it just in case 😅

Solution #3: You could carve holes into the clock face so that the sushi pieces could sit in them, and therefore wouldn't stick out. Keep in mind that you would need quite a thick clock face to do this.

Solution #4: Buy a bigger piece of wood. I'm sure your local craft or hardware store will have plenty of wood rounds to choose from. Just measure your clock hands and your sushi pieces, and make sure the overall piece of wood you buy can fit them both without them touching.

Once you have decided which solution you will go with, you can begin making your sushi clock!

You will need:
♡ Blank clock face
♡ Clock movement (I chose this one as the hands ~kind of~ look like chopsticks, which goes with the whole sushi theme, but that may not be obvious to everyone 😂)
♡ Sushi-shaped erasers or small toys (similar)
♡ Black and white paint
♡ Paintbrushes, both medium and small
♡ Masking tape
♡ Super glue or hot glue

1. If you chose solution one, two, or three, either draw your sushi, trim your clock hands, or carve out your holes now, depending on which solution you chose. If you chose solution four - or, if you're like me and are just going to use this as an defective decor piece, move on to step two.

2. Paint your entire clock face white. Do as many layers as you'd like until you reach your desired coverage, then set aside to dry.

3. Cover the inside edges of the clock face with masking tape, then paint the outer circle with black paint. Repeat until you are happy with the coverage. Set aside to dry, then carefully peel off the masking tape.

4. Get your super glue or your hot glue and glue your sushi pieces to the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock spots on your clock face. You can also draw lines to symbolise the remaining numbers - like on a Roman numeral clock - but I decided to forgo this.


5. Once your glue has set, attach your clock movement by putting a light circle of glue around the back piece and placing the clock face on top of that, so that the shaft (which is the white part that spins) comes through the hole in the middle. Avoid getting any glue close to the shaft as your clock will not work if it does!

6. Place your small hour hand so that the circle end is around the shaft. Now, put your minute hand on top of the hour hand. You may have to push a little bit harder to ensure that the minute hand snaps around the shaft, then add your second hand on top of that. 

Depending on your clock movement, the second hand may be the last piece of the puzzle, but some come with a top piece that you add at the end to ensure that the hands stay on. It just depends on what kind you're using!

Once you've added your final piece, you're done! Now you just need to add some batteries and set it to the right time - or, if you have heaps of clocks like I do, you could always have them set to different times around the world! Lots of businesses do this, and I think it's neat to be at a restaurant and be able to see what time it currently is in New York, Paris, etc, but that's completely up to you, of course!


As I continue to say, I really have been trying to make more DIY projects to share with you guys, as the majority of you say you prefer them over recipe posts, but as you can tell, I'm not the best at them 😅 I definitely find baking much easier, but since this year is all about trying new things and growing as a person, I am certainly up to the challenge of doing more DIY projects. 

Do you guys have any requests on what kind of projects you'd like to see? More clocks, pinatas, or pillows? Coasters? Place cards? Cake toppers? Paper-based crafts? Something else entirely? Let me know and I promise that I'll try my best to create it!

Until next time,
Indya xx

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